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Name: Andrew Joseph L. Angel
Birth date: November 30,1991
Birth Place: Olongapo City, Philippines
Highest Educational Attainment: College Graduate
Course: Bachelor of Science Major in Mechatronincs Engineering
License / Certification: Instrumentation and controls Engineer
Certification Exam Rank: 19 out of 100 passers


Programmable Logic controller
AutoCad 2D/3D
Solidworks Basic
C++ basic
Electrical Design / Execution /Wiring
Electronics Design and Calculation
Instrumentation and controls
Mechanical (kinematics)

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Why Did I create Gizmo Controllers? It is so difficult for a student to study a course that he doesn’t know where he can use it after graduation, when I am still a student my classmates always say “Why do we need trigonometry, geometry, physics, etc.?, Do you think we can apply Integral calculus on our life?”, It demotivates the student when he studies a very difficult subject then he will find out that in the end he can’t use it. Almost all of us focus on our major subjects like Programming, Electronics, etc., because we think that, that’s the only useful subject that we can use after finishing our course. I create this Channel to share my experience in Automation Industry, I will share every experience where I applied the thing that I learned in school, like trigonometry, geometry, physics, etc., because I want to motivate students.

Special thanks to Wences O. Santos for helping me to develop my Website